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What you should know about Lash Consultation Form

  1. Eyelash extension intake consent form
  2. Lavish Lashes Specialist appointment information
  3. List of eye conditions to consider

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How to prepare Lash Consultation Form

Open up your Eyelash Extension Consultation Form Template
To save you time, we provide you to fill out the sample electronically as opposed to print out and send out it by mail. Just click Get Form to look at the blank within our editor.
Fill in the file online
A multitude of modifying instruments let you rearrange the file entirely. Nonetheless, if you just need to complete the form, there may be absolutely nothing simpler than that.
Save and share the file
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About Eyelash Extension Consultation Form Template

Eyelash Extension Consultation Form Template is a document that serves as a guideline for professionals to consult with their clients before giving them eyelash extension services. This template includes questions that help the technician understand the client's needs, expectations, allergies, and medical history, among other things. It also includes a section where the technician can explain the procedure and aftercare instructions to the client. Anyone who offers eyelash extension services needs this form. It is important to provide a consultation to ensure that the services provided meet the client's needs and expectations while keeping them safe and free from any potential adverse reactions. The consultation process can help the technician identify any underlying health issues that may cause complications during the procedure or affect the longevity of the eyelash extensions. Therefore, this form is an important tool for both client and technician safety and satisfaction.

How to complete a Lash Consultation Form

  1. Indicate your preferred appointment day and time, and provide any additional remarks in the customer remarks section
  2. Select how you heard about Lavish Lashes and whether it is your first time getting lash extensions
  3. Specify if you have worn any lashes within the last 60 days and if you curl, perm, or tint your lashes
  4. Answer questions about wearing contacts, rubbing or pulling lashes, and any eye illnesses or injuries
  5. Provide information on sleeping habits, eye drops or medications, and ability to keep eyes closed
  6. Check off any applicable conditions or treatments, then complete the consent form for the eyelash procedure
  7. Sign and date where indicated before your qualified professional can perform the procedure

People also ask about Lash Consultation Form

Is this the first time you have had lash extensions applied?
Yes, this is my first time.
Do you habitually rub, pull, or pick your lashes for any reason?
No, I do not.
Do you have or are you being treated for any eye illness or injury?
No, I do not.

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Mistakes might cost a penny

It is far from an exceptional scenario to produce typos or even mistakes when filling out papers. The thing is, you will be expected to complete and submit the form one more time, which raises the Eyelash Extension Consultation Form Template fee twofold. Besides, do not forget about the deadline date. Mind that submitting a number of docs requires additional time, so you may be unable to deal with them prior to the deadline. Consequently, your expenses will be increased by an extra fine. To avoid all of the above-described, double-check all the info you've supplied just before delivering the document.